Klip Collective uses a unique synthesis of projection mapping, lighting, and sound design to create site-specific, immersive sensory experiences on behalf of institutions, brands and cultural partners.

Klip formed in 2003 seeing the potential in projection mapping as a means to animate our mundane built environments with large-scale random acts of art and shared public performances, drawing inspiration from the Street art, Situationist and Surrealist movements. Klip has become an experiential partner sought by many brands, agencies and cultural institutions; most notably for our innovation and early adaptation of projection mapping, and more recently for creating longform, meditative, articulated light, video and sound art exhibits.

Led by self-taught artist and projection pioneer Ricardo Rivera, Klip is an adhocracy of creative professionals. Our collective includes digital artists, sound designers, composers, creative producers, fabricators and technologists creating together under a unified vision to produce a multi-tiered immersive experience. Klip’s studio fosters artistic experimentation, technological innovation and collaboration to keep the collective exploring new ideas, evolving light as an art form, and building creative partnerships.

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adult swim
Desert Botanical Garden
Longwood Gardens
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