Opening of Night Forms: Infinite Wave

5PM to 11:00PM
Grounds For Sculpture

Night Forms: Infinite Wave on view November 25, 2022 — April 2, 2023.

In the timeless space since dreamloop went into stasis, the glitch flourished, rippling the meditative balance into a wormhole of whimsy. The loop warps, mutations spawn, and the reformed continuum is awash in the mirthy vibrations. Here, there is no game over.

Infinite Wave by Klip Collective is a visual and sonic reinterpretation of our consciousness catalyzed by the forms and spaces of these grounds. A simulation, a vibe, Infinite Wave is shaped by the surreal beauty in the scenery of sculptures. It exists in our sensorial perceptions, validated by our shared human experience. Yet, in the paradox of reality, what is real, if it is only what we think it is? How do uncanny imperfections, distorted memories, processing errors form this persistent representation we call reality?

Re Enter the loop for an abstract cinematic landscape of light and sound with Infinite Wave.