klip collective

Tornado VR

An F2 tornado experience


Tasked with recreating the destructive force of an F2 tornado, we chose to use room-scale VR to fully immerse the viewer in this terrifying situation. In the experience, the viewer sits inside the living room of a house located on a vast Midwestern plain. In the distance an F2 tornado touches down heading directly towards the house. The viewer experiences firsthand the approach, touchdown and aftermath of the catastrophic twister.


In addition to the room-scale version for the HTC Vive platform, we created a passive fixed camera perspective for mobile VR and 360 web viewers.


The experience was programmed with the Unity game engine and powered by a Nvidia 1080ti. All the simulations were done in Houdini. We consulted with meteorologists and performed extensive research on tornado behavior to make this as authentic an experience as the technology would allow, enhancing the VR with haptic elements such as rumble packs and hidden fans that were triggered at key moments in the narrative.