klip collective

Nike Water Projections


High flying superstar dunks in the Hudson River

Client: Nike Jordan

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy


Collaborating with W+ K, Klip was creatively involved from conception to execution. The stunt involved building custom animations of the pier structure and water projections, as well as directing the live-action elements for the Melo hologram. Klip led the massive production in scouting and permitting two riverside piers, conducting environmental studies of fish and plant life, managing marine teams, and gaining multi-agency approval.


The event night with helicopters, water screen projections, the Hudson River, and the one and only Melo (stunt double) jumping out of a helicopter into the water.


The behind the scenes showcases the immense process this project took to keep going.


Post-production was all about those shoes, superstars, lighted water-splashes, the color green, and starglows.