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Introducing Klip's VR Lab


Klip Collective’s work in recent years has balanced on the intersection of innovative art and cutting-edge technology. Now, we will take that concept further than we ever have before, with the creation of Klip VR Lab. Using the newest software and equipment, we’re bringing our creative ingenuity in immersive storytelling and interactive experiences to virtual reality.

Our VR Lab features a team working in research, development & interactive—designing custom camera rigs, stitching workflows, comparing delivery platforms, and creating new ways to enhance and transform the immersive experiences we’re known for. Our sister company Monogram manages the creative workflows through stitching, processing, editing, and posting.

These new interactive concepts are being developed with state of the art technology, from camera rigs including a Nokia OZO VR camera, to the stitching workstations used to create immersive experiences, to the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset used to test and display VR concepts. We’re also developing apps for iOS and Android using the UnReal and Unity software engines.

A recent project was the virtual reality game “Santa’s Sweatshop” which places you in an immersive environment as an elf building toys. You can play the game in its entirety here.

Stay tuned as the Lab grows and develops new and exciting experiences for your virtual pleasure. Keep an eye out for new VR developments in:

  • Games

  • Exhibits

  • Interactive experiences

  • Education

  • Business training

  • Documentaries

  • Journalism

  • Music videos

  • Film