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Klip Illuminates the Dlectricity Festival


At the DLECTRICITY FESTIVAL, a celebration of light-based art & technology in Detroit, Klip brought The Librarian—a parable for the Information Age—to the Detroit Public Library. The installation featured a hands-on segment that added a new level of interactive augmented reality to the projection mapping experience.


Using HTC Vive trackers on flashlights and the Open VR SDK with Derivative’s TouchDesigner software, Klip put real-time motion tracking in the hands of festival goers. By pointing and moving the outfitted flashlights along the facade of the building, viewers could create x-ray spotlights, exposing hidden narrative elements happening inside the building. The result was a shared augmented reality experience, controlled by multiple viewers holding simple flashlights towards the projection installation.


At the end of the interactive segment, the facade of the library digitally melted away—revealing a short, topical narrative featuring a truth-seeking librarian protecting the fortress of facts. Inside the library, an otherwise quiet shift turns chaotic as a power glitch sends the Internet into hyper drive, infiltrating bookshelves with misinformation. She uses her humanity and common sense to tame the wave of fake news, and rescue patrons from turning into clueless drones. After the triumphant conclusion, audiences waiting for the next Librarian showing were treated to an ambient visual mix synced to an audio landscape by Pink Skull.

Michelle Barbieri