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WE Day 2017


For the second year in a row, Klip had the privilege of creating a multi-screen storytelling animation for the annual WE Day celebrations across Canada. In collaboration with The&Partnership in Vancouver, the anti-bullying segment (sponsored by TELUS) included our visualization of Valerie’s personal experience and how she learned to overcome bullying. 

Klip provided art direction and animation, working with a team of talented 3D artists on a quick two-week turnaround. Our work was shown at WE Day Toronto on September 28th, and will be coming to these upcoming WE Day events in Canada:

Oct 18: Vancouver
Oct 25: Manitoba
Nov 1: Calgary
Nov 15: Ottawa
Nov 30: Halifax


WE Day is an international celebration of young people committed to making a difference. It brings world-renowned speakers and A-list performers together with tens of thousands of young people to celebrate their contributions, and start off another year of positive change. Beginning as a single event almost a decade ago, WE Day has evolved into a series of 19 arena-based events held across the United States, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean. This past year, 200,000 students attended WE Day, and left inspired to create change both locally and globally.