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Klip Collective’s Lab blog is your source for new and innovative projects coming from Klip, including virtual reality experiments, new projection graphics, hardware, software, and more. A collection of our most ballin RnD efforts.

Monoscopic VR Camera Rig


Our first venture into live action virtual reality started with monoscopic capture. We decided on a three camera rig setup after first researching the various camera rigs available. We knew from the start that we didn't want to go the GoPro route because we wanted to be able to control camera settings such as exposure, ISO, and focus.


Using a Sony A7s we already had available in the studio, we mocked up a camera rig design on paper. We then purchased two additional Sony a7s cameras with fisheye lenses to build out our design.


Our rig grew in size as we began to take into account battery swaps, card replacement, and cable management.


We ended up fabricating a Plexiglass rig in order to lock things into our design. Holes were cut in the Plexiglass to access batteries and feed the cables used for on-set monitoring.


We went to Bok Technical School for our first shoot using the new monoscopic VR camera rig. We tethered the camera's HDMI outputs to three monitors which allowed us make camera adjustments and check the seam placement for stitching.


We captured various spaces throughout the building prior to it's renovations.  For stitching and retouching we used Ptgui and Photoshop.  

Mark McCallumvr