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Klip Collective’s Lab blog is your source for new and innovative projects coming from Klip, including virtual reality experiments, new projection graphics, hardware, software, and more. A collection of our most ballin RnD efforts.

Stop Motion Dodecahedron Projection Mapping


A behind the scenes video of how we created the stop motion projection mapped dodecahedron that was on our website before 2017.


The project utilised variety of software and hardware solutions to make the stop motion projection mapping happen. Dragonframe, VDMX, an Arduino board, stepper motors, a midi controller, and Madmapper were all put together into a labor intensive process for two interns to tackle over the summer of 2015.


After shooting loop-able rotations in Dragonframe, The sequences were processed and turned into gifs.


Once the gifs were created, they were put together into the designs of the (old) Klip website. Each visit to the website played a random gif sequence to play.


If you ever clicked on the dodecahedron on the website, the website would glitch out and a random easter egg sequence would occur.

Kevin Ritchieprojection