klip collective

Financial Times


Interactive info-graphic projection

Client: Financial Times

Agency: DDB UK


The interactive projection installation created in partnership with DDB UK was projected during a 3-day event in Grand Central Terminal in March 2012.

The four-projector installation included three informative short films followed by a user-controlled, interactive experience. The short films conveyed global business stories in a simple and compelling way, using 3-D projection illusions that were 55 feet wide by 32 feet tall. During the interactive sequence, commuters were able to interact with the data by walking on a 15-foot square floor mat filled with touch-sensitive sensors. Participants triggered the projections to explore additional world data.


We displayed a vast amount of information during the event. All of which users could cue up via the interactive floor mats below.


Visitors could choose from different data they wished to see by stepping on the interactive floor mats. Each of these triggered different content to play.