klip collective



The Librarian - Dlectricity 2017 

Combining live action narrative with visual effects, Klip Collective brings a parable for the Information Age to the 2017 Dlectricity Festival. Inside the Detroit Public Library, an otherwise quiet shift for the librarian turns chaotic as a power glitch sends the Internet into hyper drive infiltrating bookshelves with misinformation. The Librarian must use her humanity and common sense to tame the wave of fake news and rescue patrons from turning into clueless drones. In this epic battle of woman versus distorted facts, there are many surprises to be seen. With x-ray viewers, observers will be encouraged to explore and discover mini-narratives hidden inside the peculiar library where a giant hamster and mysterious figures lurk.


Using the HTC Vive trackers and the Open VR SDK with Derivative’s TouchDesigner software, we were able to add a level of interactive Augmented Reality to our projection mapping. This allowed viewers to explore behind the building facade with X-Ray type flash lights. The two flash lights allowed people to follow the different characters inside the library and try and piece together the narrative that was unfolding.


Inbetween playing "The Librarian", audiences were treated to an ambient visual mix sync'd to a Pink Skull's track.