Meadow v1.0
client: Data Garden
date: October 2012
location: Philadelphia, PA
duration: 1 night

This cinematic landscape of light and sound incorporating video projection and audio design by Klip Collective was realized in its first execution during Data Garden’s annual Switched-On Garden on October 14, 2012.

Viewers were quickly drawn to the lulling light and sound in the field. Over time, people moved closer and closer into the tall grass, fully immersing themselves in the smoke, light forms and sound. At first, the audio and visual elements imitated the natural world; the sound began to oscillate and pulsate as the firefly-like elements in the video lined up in moving geometric patterns across the meadow. In an intensely choreographed audio-visual activity, the sound and visuals again began to mimic the natural world.

The Switched-On Garden 002 was an interactive exhibition held at North America’s oldest botanic garden, Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia, in the fall of 2012 during the citywide festival, DesignPhiladelphia.

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